A million happy moments infused with pensive thoughts!

By Naiyah Prakash

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Naiyah Prakash

The author Naiyah Prakash is a dynamic young girl who is responsive and sensitive to the changes happening around her in the world. Her literary pursuit and the way she handles the lockdown during pandemic is a case in point. Blessed with immense maturity, a rare find in the generation of her age group, Naiyah, strives to make this world a better place to live in. She has just completed her 10th grade from KV IIT Chennai and has passed her boards with flying colours. Her exceptional talent in arts and sports has brought wonderful laurels to make her family and her school feel proud of her achievements. Naiyah is an avid reader, passionate sportswoman and an adventure enthusiast. Hailing from an army background, she is very disciplined in her approach to life. She aims to pursue higher studies in the humanities stream and is a promising student with her flare for the subjects of her love.

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As soon as I was done with my half yearlies, I could breathe a sigh of relief only to find myself packing for a vacation, my parents had planned for me. And the moment I found that the scheduled and chalked out tour was meant to be spent in the newly designated union...

India Awakes @75

India Awakes @75

In a recent media interview, the US president hailed the US military precision drone strike that killed the top Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri in a counter-terror operation as a necessity and one that had been long due. In an effort to justify such unilateral...